Malto Dextrin Powder

Maltodextrin Powder is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch, a lightly hygroscopic in nature. It is a fine white powder produced by spray drying partially hydrolysed starch, it has a dextrose equivalent (DE) of 10-25% it provides a convenient and natrittonallyn sound way to replete energy reserves. Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate combination that provides long-lasting energy. Maltodextrin powder has a rapid rate of digestion, allowing it to supply additional calories without causing the abdominal discomfort that can be experienced with simple sugars. The body gets energy from maltodextrin gradually easily and evenly, so it is ideal for carbo loading.

Maltodextrin Powder is highly recommended for those whose metabolic rate and appetite is the limiting factor in their ability to gain weight use of maltodextrin will speed the rate of recovery after exercise by inhibiting proteolysis. Carbohydrate supplementation is one of the most reliable and inexpensive ways to increase exercise performance.

Functional Advantages

Maltodextrine acts as flavouring, bodying, drying and stabilizing agent in chocolate drinks, flavour powders, citrous and coffee powders and also improves theshelf life of the product. It can also be used to replace a portion of protein whipping agent in aerated beverages and is choice bulking agent in many puddings' soups and frozen desserts. Its addition to cream gives it a thicker mouth feel.
In Indian sweets it is used to at the time of making of Khoya/ Mawa from milk as it improves the quality, softness and texture. It is also excellent in partially replacing cane sugar in sweets. The sweet taste of Malto dextrine is a closer approximation to the taste of sugar which make it ideal for use in sweetening teas, coffee and powdered soft drinks.
For Instant foods malto dextrine is the perfect carrying agent due to its free flow ability, open structure dispersibility in cold water and ability to maintain clarity and appeal.
Maltodextrine is the simplest form of sugar, it has a soft mouth-feel and is easily digested, this property gives it extensive use in baby foods, feed supplements, geriatric foods and foods for convalescents. It is also used as a carrying and dispersing agent for flavours and is ideally suited for encapsulation.
Maltodextrine raises the humectancy levels in certain baked goods which in turn increases the shelf life of these products. The icings produced with Malto dextrin have a better shelf life and maintains its texture for longer periods. It can be used to control several variables in bakery products such as water retention, crystallization and consistency.
Malto Dextrin Powder should be stored in a clean dry area, at room temperature. Once opened, should be kept in a tightly closed container, in a ventilated area, if use is not for a long time. Protect against physical damage. Isolate from incompatible substances.