Company Profile

Company Profile

Sukhjit was born in the year 1943, two discerning young entrepreneurs having spotted the immense potential of the wonder grain "MAIZE", decided to set up a Corn Wet Milling Facility. After due diligence, they chose to set up the plant in a small town-ship called Phagwara in the state of "Punjab & East Punjab Union" also known as the Granary of India. Thus giving Birth to "The Sukhjit Starch & Chemicals Ltd."

Sukhjit has since grown by judicious and innovative utilisation of its unique traditions to meet the challenge of the future, from a modest beginning of 1800 TPA Corn Grind in 1943 to around 600,000 TPA of Corn Grind spread across Four Manufacturing Locations within India. Sukhjit is a leader in its field and always at the forefront amongst its peers.

Sukhjit's technical expertise of over 75 years ensures optimum adaptation to end use. Apart from Native Starch, the Company manufactures Modified Starches, Dextrines, Liquid Glucose, HMS, Malto-Dextrin, Mono-Hydrate Dextrose, Anyhydrose Dextrose, Sorbitol-70% Solution and various By-Products, catering to a wide spectrum of Industries.

The Group is headed by an experienced Board of Directors and managed by highly skilled and capable Professionals. A double pronged approach using State-of-the-art technology as well as exploiting indigenous potential is the Company philosophy that has served it well. Years of research and careful Co-ordination of methodology has resulted in qualitatively superior products meeting stringent customer norms, manufactured by cost effective production techniques.

The Company enjoys impeccable creditworthiness in the market and has been awarded Credit Rating CRISIL A1 (A One) for short term debts and CRISIL A +/ STABLE  for long term debts by CRISIL Ratings Limited.

Future Outlook

The Quest for growth and constant search for excellence both in terms of performance and in breaking new grounds is truly reflected in the company's philosophy. As the Economy enters the next phase of sustained growth, Sukhjit sets out on a new journey by exploring fresh possibilities such as working with alternate commodities - Wheat, Rice and increasing its portfolio of value added Products like HFCS, Sorbitol Powder, Functional Starches, Grain based Alcohol, Feeds, Pet Food, Bio-Fuel etc.

Our Environmental Commitment

Sukhjit has strengthened its commitment to the environment by investing into state of art facilities to convert its bio-degradable waste into valuable energy which over the years has resulted in mammoth savings of petroleum products thereby reducing the company's Carbon footprint significantly.