Liquid Glucose

Liquid glucose molecular formula C6H12H6 also known asSorn Syrup is a fundamental ingredient in many food and industrial products it is a purified concentrated aqueous solution of nutritive saccharides obtained from Starch.

 The solids are composed of various carbohydrates such as Dextrose, Maltose and higher Saccharides, the different carbohydrate profiles compiled with various available solids levels, give liquid glucose its unique functionalities. The quality of Liquid Glucose has a direct impact on the quality and performance of the finished product.

Functional Advantages

Liquid Glucose is used in almost every type of confection, particularly hard candies. It is primarily used to control sucrose and dextrose crystallization in confections. Candies made out or sucrose alone are subject to Crystallization and may crumble.
Liquid glucose performs to bring out the delicate flavour in candies.
Liquid glucose provides a smooth body and smooth texture to Ice Cream and other frozen desserts. It helps to eliminate the graining or crystallization that can be objectionable to mouth fed. Liquid Glucose also imparts a firmer, heavier body to Ice creams.
Liquid glucose acts as a stabilizer and improves the shelf life of the product. It helps to reduce the freezing point thereby reducing the manufacturers freeze time and improving the freezer capacity.
Adjuncts are used to supplement malted barley in brewing and Liquid Glucose has a number of advantages as an adjunct, it is completely soluble and economical, easy to handle and adaptable. Liquid Glucose is ideal for high gravity brewing techniques which increases the overall brew house efficiency and yield.
Liquid glucose is an  economical source of fermentable solids and a popular choice in the baking industry it not only provides sweetness and density control to cake and cookies but also adds richer crumb colour.
Liquid glucose raises the humectancy levels in certain baked goods which in turn increases the shelf life of these products. The icings produced with liquid glucose have a more brilliant sheen and appreance and provide a glaze for the products.
Liquid glucose in drums should be stored in a clean dry area, at room temperature once opened, should be kept in tightly closed container in a ventilated area if use is not for along time. Protect against physical damage. Isolate from incompatible substance.