CSR Initiatives

Sukhjit Starch & Chemicals Limited believes in corporate excellence and social welfare. This corporate philosophy is the force behind integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into Sukhjit values, culture, operation and business decisions at all levels of the organization. Being a responsible corporate citizen, the Company has a value system of giving back to society and improving life of the people and the surrounding environment. The Company's CSR initiatives are inspired by the opportunity to contribute to a more secure and sustainable future. The Company believes that the corporate strategy which embraces social developments as an integral part of the business activities ensure long term sustainability of business enterprises. With this belief, the Company is committed to make substantial improvements in the social framework of the nearby community. Looking at the social problems which the country faces today, we believe that every such contribution shall bring a big change in our society.

As a part of its initiative under the "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) drive, the Company has undertaken projects in the area of eradicating hunger, preventive health care, providing infrastructural support, environment sustainability, women empowerment, initiatives for physically & mentally challenged people, girls education, child development and enhancing vocational skills, scholarship programs & opportunities to youth from low income group families, coaching to meritorious students to pursue their graduate and post graduate studies, rural development, help to draught hit farmers and caring old age homes. These projects are in accordance with Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Company's CSR policy prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013.

The CSR activities being undertaken by the company under its CSR Policy mainly include:-

Education: The Company has promoted the establishment of various educational Institutions which, under its patronage have been running successfully.

  • A Post Graduate College for women imparting quality education to over 2000 girl students with latest and "state of the art" Infrastructural facilities at the lowest possible cost with all concessions to the needy and poor students. The College has been accredited 'A' by NAAC, selected 'Star College in Life Sciences' by DBT, New Delhi, Government of India and awarded the status of College with Potential for Excellence by U.G.C., New Delhi.
  • Seven other educational institutions including one B.Ed. college for women and six higher secondary schools imparting quality education to over 5000 students with due concessions / free education to all the students from economically backward and rural areas.
  • Promoted an old age education centre called 'Foot Path' to impart necessary education to the old persons with workable computer knowledge.
  • Contributing various educational Institutions /NGOs to promote education amongst the economically weaker sections of the society.

Health & safety: The company has joined hands with many organizations to promote health & safety of needy people and some of the contributions include:-

  • A Blood donor council which, besides, organizing blood donation awareness camps, donates free blood to Thalassaemia patients on a regular basis and at a concessional cost to the others with timely availability to meet the emergent needs.
  • Bi-monthly free dental care camps with supplies of free dentures to the old people.
  • Free eye care and operation camps for the needy and poor patients of the area on a regular basis.
  • Cancer awareness camps organized periodically, to create necessary awareness, early detection and control.
  • Generous financial contribution and management assistance to Help Age International Charitable Trust (Regd.), which serves over 100 residential inmates providing free boarding and full medical care to the old orphans, handicapped and blind persons.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of the company has been placed at web link http://sukhjitgroup.com/csr_policy.html.

The company will serve its communities by:

  • Ensuring they benefit from its presence by proactively responding to the public needs.
  • Working in partnership with social organizations to widen the reach and leverage each partner's individual experience and expertise.
  • Providing all assistance during times of disasters.
  • Conserving natural resources & energy and developing eco-friendly processes and systems.
  • Promoting healthcare & safety of needy people besides carrying out its existing activities.

Other CSR activities

Further the members of the top management are actively involved in running and development of various institutions on "Non profit basis" engaged in education, health and preservation of ecology.  Specially, Shri K. K. Sardana, Managing Director has played a key role in the development of various institutions for public welfare and he is the Chairman/ President of the following Associates / Socities i.e:-

  • President - International Sports Association, Phagwara,
  • President - Distt. Wrestling Association, Kapurthala,
  • President - Hindu Anathalya, Phagwara,
  • President - Arya Model Sr. Secondary School, Phagwara
  • Chairman - National Rural Development Society, Village Palahi,
  • Chairman - Blood Bank, Phagwara,
  • Chairman - Phagwara Environment Association,
  • Chairman - Arya Senior Secondary Achool, Phagwara,
  • Chairman - Pingaleara Trust, Jalandhar,
  • Vice President - Punjab Wrestling Association.
  • Member - Advisory Council for Technical Education, Punjab, Chandigarh.

The company is committed to the environment and has commissioned state of the art facilities to convert its de-bio-degradable waste into valuable energy which over the years has resulted in substantial saving of petroleum products thereby reducing the company's carbon foot print significantly.