Anhydrous Dextrose

Anhydrous Dextrose or D-Glucose, Molecular Formula C6H12H6 is a white crystalline powder odourless and sweet to taste. Anhydrous Dextrose is the purest form of dextrose, commonly called Glucose. It is manufactured by refining Dextrose Monohydrate which in itself is a pure form of Dextrose.

It is prepared by dissolving Dextrose Monohydrate and evaporating the solution to a solid content of 84%-85%, it is then crystallized on added for Induced seed crystals at elevated temperatures. The Anhydrous Dextrose particles have unique properties and, if desired, may be used as a sugar or Dextrose Monohydrate replacement. It is used as a food additive and also in injections.

Functional Advantages

Dextrose Anhydrous in liquid form is a sterile solution injected intravenously, It assists in providing fluids containing various amounts of sugars to your body when you are not able to drink enough liquids or when additional fluids are needed. It may also be used to give other injectable medicines.

Dextrose Anhydrous works to keep dry food mixes and powered beverage drinks.


  • Injectable Solution Manufacturing.
  • Saline Solution Manufacturing.
  • Oral Re - Hydrating Agent
Dextrose anhydrous provides instant energy. It is the primary ingredient in oral rehydration salts (ORS).
Dextrose anhydrous complements the function of saline solution for a total electrolyte - energy balance.
Anhydrous Dextrose in bags should be stored in a clean & dry area. Troage under warehouse conditions. For over 3-4 months is not recommended.