Maize Bran (Cattle Feed)

Maize Coarse Bran

Maize Bran or Corn fibre is produced by corn  wet-milling. Along with the corn fibres, portions of the protein, oil,  and starch from corn are separated with the starch  from corn are separated with the fibre stream. Corn  fibre is composed of approximately 12-25% starch, 10-13% protein, 33-42%  hemicelluloses 15-18% cellulose 3-6% oil, and   1-2% other components, a corn fibre stream coming  from dewatering presses contains about 30 to about 50% solids. Rich in  nutrients it forms a major ingredient for cattle   feed. It has been know to help in increasing the  milk yield. However due to concerns of commodity is made available corn  fibre is being used as a feedstock for the   manufacture of Ethanol.                 

Maize Fine Bran

This is a medium protein ingredient composed of the  bran and fibrous portions. It may or may not contain the condensed corn  extracives. It is produced in wet or dry form   both. The dried Fine bran analyzes typically as 21%  protein 2.5% fat, and 8%fibra. It is a perishable product in 6 10 days  and must be fed or stored in an anaerobic environment. As Fine bran is high in certain key  nutreitants is widely used in complete feeds dairy and beet cattle,  poultry, swine and pet foods.