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Maize starch
Liquid glucose
High maltose syrup
Monohydrate dextrose
Sorbitol 70% sol
Malto Dextrin
Oxidized Starch
Cationic Starch
Thin Boiling Starch
Pre-Gelatinised starch
Yellow Dextrin
White Dextrin
Maize Gluten
Maize Germ
Maize oil
Maize Germ cake
Corn steep liquor
Maize coarse bran
The Ability to Respond

At sukhjit our customers  can count on a level of continuous support that is second to none. Teams of Specialists are on call to help customers select the most appropriate formulations for their end use and plant trials. We at sukhjit are equally active in design and development of systems to enhance the efficiency and economy of their use.

Our sales representatives over 60 in no’s on last count provide access to all the  expertise and assistance available within Sukhjit. Their aim is to meet the customers daily needs and their strength is the backing of a vest national network of facilities. Strengthened by strategically located plants through out the length and breadth of the country.

A consistent policy to modernize operations at various plants has been accelerated in recent years. New projects are in hand to match future demands through improvement and diversification of our abilities. Our facilities incorporate the most advanced processing technologies in plants, notable for their outstanding environmental cleanliness. Innovative production processes and new product facilities are being introduced so that we will continue to lead in the years ahead.


Unlocking Nature
Sukhjit boasts of well equipped laboratories and pilot plants at phagwara (Punjab) and is supported by contributions to the research and development functions from its other well located
plants. While an evident objective is to help Sukhjit maintain a leadership and profitable operation, this cannot be achieved unless customers are completely satisfied with the products and services that are provided R&D, does not, therefore exist as an isolated part of the organization, sukhjit maintains close links with a number of educational Intuitions research centers independent consultants and Govt. bodies collaborating regularly with these different entities ensures that the benefits of any innovation are quickly adopted, either through improvements in manufacturing or in the provision of new and better products.

The concept of quality assurance is a key feature of Sukhjit’s dimension. Quality control systems are rigorously applied through out the plants by quality control laboratories with sophisticated analytical equipments operating on a 24 hour basis on a plant level. Stringent quality control procedures ensure that all products consistently meet customer specifications. In addition Quality Assurance within the organization ensures that  all manufactured products conform to National legislation. Sukhjit has invested in a no. of quality control methods and has been awarded the ISO 9000:2000, HACCP,WHO-GMP certification for its plants, making it another first in the Indian industry. These extensive support  facilities enable Sukhjit to supply Quality Assured products to all is Customers.


Corn Derieved Solutions

This is a guide to selecting the product’s manufactured at Sukhjit for Their functional benefits in varied end uses. These products reflect the innovation, versatility and Quality with which Sukhjit has become associated. The chart given overleaf gives a complete Range of our products and also emphasis the range of industries that rely On us. The Chart is divided into five main segments i.e. Food & Drink paper & Board, industrial Applications, Personal care and Pharma, Animal Nutrition and Pet Food.

The company is proud of its approach towards Providing “Corn Derived Solutions” to a wide spectrum of industries. The comprehensive chart provided overleaf can be of help in sourcing The most suitable ingredient for your end product.

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