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We at Sukhjit Starch & Chem.Ltd. have a strong R&D arm and because of this we are in a position to be the preferred choice of our customers.  The company’s R&D Hub is centered at Phagwara and is a resource centre for all its subsidiaries.

 The notable R&D activities in the recent past which have yielded positive results include:

1.       Co developing high yielding varieties of maize with PAU, leading seed companies and enterprising farmers.

2.       Developing low cost solutions for the paper industry while reducing the environmental impact for these customers.

3.       Customising sweetener solutions for customers.

4.       Working with processed food manufacturers to reduce the overall fat/salt content in producing healthier foods.

5.       In providing solutions for sugar free applications for the confectionary industry.

6.       Developing specialized flavor encapsulation for extruded snacks.

7.       Developing low moisture absorbing solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry.




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