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  The company continues to implement the code of Corporate Governance during the year under reference in terms of Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement with Stock Exchange.

The company has always believed in good Corporate Governance, Transparency, Fair Business. Standard Corporate Practices held the company to maximize long term Shareholders value & in building a bond of trust with its employees, customers, creditors, lenders and others. The company has always remained prompt & regular in discharging its statutory obligations & duties.

The board has constituted various committees & meetings of the Board and Committees thereof have been held as frequently for proper and effective control over the affairs of the Company. All the Directors attending the Board and Committee meetings actively participate in the proceedings.

I.K. Sardana Managing Director   S.C. Jindal Chairman
K.K. Sardana Joint Managing Director   A.K. Sardana Non Executive Director
S.M. Jindal Executive Director & Company Secretary   V.K. Sardana Non Executive Director
      V.P. Kapahi Independent Director
      S.K. Anand Independent Director
Naresh Sardana Non Executive Director
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